• Listening to… a couple of things:  Still Alive by ?  Asu e no Tobira by I WISH (<3)  and Keep Your Head Up by Um Jammer Lammy  (yeah, that a lot, laughs)
  • Reading:  Shopaholic takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella (Hey, it’s hilarious!)
  • Watching: You are my Destiny (My Korean Soap *drools*)
  • Eating: Burrito
  • Drinking:  Ooops!  I haven’t had anything for a while!!  I’m thirsty and sick too!
  • Mood:  Kind of annoyed but a bit happy (I have a head ache >:O )



  • Most people, come New Years say that they are going to change all their ways, become better people, break bad habits, have a life changing epiphany etc. (me included) Well, this year I think I really have changed, significantly!  When I look out the window, everything I see looks absolute beautiful.  Beautiful.  I can’t help it.  During January something really bad and out of the ordinary happened, however, while this may sound terrible, I think it helped me a bit during the long run.  I really started off the year amazingly and then this event happened, an I won’t go into the details but it was basically the suicide of a not-so-close relative.  The whole thing that was really strange about it was that I had seen him on the day he killed himself. (at night)  Since the beginning of this year, before and after, it really started a bit before Christmas, I haven’t been getting bored easily, I find beauty in… everything… which is really strange.


  • I got a Japanese pen-pal today.  I’m already stressed about it though.  Yeah, her English is not so good and I have a feeling that both of us are going to be speaking Japanese.  It’s really hard.  I’m having a real tough time translating her Japanese.  I can’t tell if it’s a dialect, bad translating by me or just being young with bad grammar XP  I also want a snail mail friend but we’re going to email (I think!) I think I might get a second pen-pal if we are only going to email.  For me… I’m not sure, I think things like this give me too much anxiety because I have too much low self confidence.  I also have no one to proofread them for me… that’s probably the biggest problem.


  • Ahm, about my love life… TERRIBLE!  Well, no surprise there… I’m really bad at romance like, chronically.  Want me to list the guys I kind of like! XP  One of which is moving back to ENGLAND at the end of the year. XP  Someone I know who’s currently  living in Japan etc. etc.  It really sucks.  I’m too fickle and obnoxious.  Uh… well… Valentines day this year was on a Saturday.  We had a field-trip on Friday.  We have this week off.  No candy for me.  (Or really anyone really, since no one in our class dates…)  Not as pathetic as last year though.  We did this secret santa type thing, I got two people and worked real hard to do a good job.  The guy I got knew he was going to be absent… WTF?  I ended up crying in the corner of the locker room for 3 minutes and no one freaking noticed! What??  Then I was worried the Study Hall teacher would be looking for me I went.  It was so pathetic…  All the girls and the French Teacher, Alice felt sorry for me and the girls gave me a bag of  lollypops… It was really embarrassing because when I said out-loud what was bothering me it sounded really dumb… terrible experience… XP  I’ll be ok though.


  • Dramas, god I love them.  Particularly Japanese and Korean ones 🙂  I live close to New York so I get them on local access. (Thank you, comcast! :D)  I love it!  I watch You are my Destiny and Mom’s Dead Upset…  Love it!  Note to the channel:  do you really have to remind people for 10 minutes in every episode about the DTV transition?  Or couldn’t you do it at the top SO IT’S NOT HARD TO READ THE SUBTITLES??  It’s really annoying!  :O  I also watch Kurosagi on the internet.
  • I love Korea…  I went to Japan last summer.  Amazing, I want to study abroad there for a year, Korea for a summer.  In high-school I mean.  A gap year in Russia too!  My mom says I’m being unrealistic.  Okay, I mean, I’m going to get a part time job in may, is it that big of a deal??  :3  I guess so…


  • OBAMA WON!!!!!! Yey!


I want to write in this blog more this year!


  • Listening to : Goodbye to you – Michelle Branch
  • Reading : Honey and Clover – Chica Umino
  • Watching : Dr. Who spoofs
  • Eating : I’m not hungry.
  • Drinking : Water
  • Mood : A contented state of melancholy (I can’t explain it)

As with most things, like the cherry blossoms on my street or the apple blossoms in my yard.  My happiness recently was fleeting.  (sulks in a sea of self pity) Today I wrote emo haikus… XO then I drew a bunch of emo pictures, it was kinda pathetic…

Today I saw the second season finale of Torchwood, I’ll try not to spoil anything… I couldn’t stop sobbing through the end of it. (I am a huge sap)  It was really brutal… I loved the final scene with Jack, Ianto, and Gwen when Jack says “Now we go on” and Gwen says “I don’t think I can go on. Not after this.” then Jack says “Yes we can. We all can…..The end is where we start from.” And all three of them just stand there.  It was really heartbreaking.  I want to live in Cardiff someday…

I don’t really want talk about how mad about the grade on the story (which is partly due to a misunderstanding) and being completely decimated by my rival. (who doesn’t even view me as a rival!!!)

Today after Homework club (which I despise by the way) I said “I can’t wait till the weekend” So then this boy who I will call “T” Says “Me too, well, actually, I can’t wait till 6:45 tomorrow” so I’m like, “Why?” It turns out he’s an actor. I asked him if he was in anything I would know of but it’s his first audition for like, a movie, commercial, and a tv show.  He’s only been in 1 episode of barney.  (haha!) I’m going to get results of an art contest I entered this weekend so I felt somewhat connected… (haha!) I wish the two of us good luck!  I probably won’t win though… (sulk) I feel really melancholy but content at the same time. XO I just want to get a week off of school… muuuu… I just am… dieing of school… I try to act like a really cool collage art student who live in a loft in New York (I guess that’s distorted truth…I was born in New York but I do live in an apartment loft thing with my mom, it’s a really sweet community!)  That’s the type of person I want to be! >/////<  

I ordered Monokuroboo nail clippers (off ebay) but I got snoopy ones… -_-;;;  kaaaay… Another bad thing happened but I can’t remember what it is.  The korean tailors on the corner are really sweet people… OH! MY AMV GOT DELETED!!! XO!!! RECORD COMPANIES HATE MEEEE!!!!!  *pulls hair out* (That’s the bad thing!)  Doh! I’m really mad about that!  Stupid corporate scum-bags! They’re ruining their free publicity!  I put a disclaimer on both too!  Maybe I’m just unlucky lately…

 … – Ari


  • Listening to : Mahiru ga Yuki – Maaya Sakamoto
  • Reading : Air by Katsura Yukimaru
  • Watching : CNN
  • Eating : A Bagel
  • Drinking : Nothing
  • Mood : Really flattered

I feel so flattered right now… My name was included in a list of subscribers in a youtube video.  For some reason that made me really happy…

Another really cool AMVist who I subscribe to said that  I PWN because I’m the only one who really keeps up with her videos… >////< kyuuuun! That makes me so happy!  She also said she liked my AMV, and we both love the song Lost My Pieces by Tommy Heavenly6 (great song) I did an AMV to the melancholic guitar version and she did one to the regular version.  Maybe we can be friends! Yay!

I also got another comment on my video! (that makes 2 from people I don’t know! XD) To me this type of thing is a big deal.  From someone who makes pretty decent AMVs too!

My AMV :

I’m going to NY again today.  It’ll be fun!  Well I have to work on my 2 weeks late english assignment now! (oh! This sparked a good memory!  I got an A on my last english assignment which was 2 weeks late and all the spelling errors weren’t fixed is the same grade as Sophie got with all errors fixed and on time! This proves that my writing is better than her’s!)

Bye Bye! – Ari

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  • Listening to : Lost my pieces melancholic guitar ver. – Tommy Heaven6
  • Reading : Naruto chapter 397 (omg that was so cool~!!!) by Kishimoto Masashi-sensei!
  • Watching : Shippuuden ep 45
  • Eating : I’m not hungry, but I’ll probably eat melon pan later! Yay!
  • Drinking : Water.
  • Mood : Randomly happy! *runs in circles around the room*


Ok, just to let you know the DVDs were fine ^_^. (I’m on the last disc now, the semi-bad subtitles are very funny.)  I’m going to Japan this summer with my friend L who I’ve known since I was 5.  The play went amazing!  The drama teacher said I stole the show and I covered really well when I forgot my lines!!! ^////^  I’m so happy!  I got complements for weeks!  I also just got back from our french class trip to CANADA, MONTREAL!!!!!  Our tour-guides were really sweet!  Hi Lisa and Julie!  (these are such generic names I think I can post them)  It was fun!!!  Also, on Thursday I got along really well with my teachers (even the ones who don’t like me and the especially well with ones I do get along with)  It was a bit strange… my grades are going down though…. but what ever!  I’m going to New York today!

I have a youtube account now, please check it out! :

My Shugo Chara slideshow has gotten almost 500 views!  I’m really touched (really I am) that when I check all the sites linking someone had put the video on their myspace page!  I can’t believe it.  (It was a private page though so I couldn’t look at it though…)  Their mood said crushed… I really want to cheer them up!  But I don’t have a myspace account and its waaay too awkward, I mean what would I say? “Hey, I was checking on like, all the site that linked to my Shugo Chara video, your myspace page came up, so wanna friend me?” I mean come on!  I mean, I know I’m the type of person who goes “omg ok!” but most people would be like “ummm…. what?”  But yeah, I’m seriously touched… I’m just so fantabulously happy!

Things seem to be looking up, ne?  : )

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  • Listening to : First Good-Bye (Aya Hirano)
  • Reading : Fairy Tail (Hiro Mashima-sensei, the man who got me into anime and manga!)
  • Eating : Pizza burger
  • Drinking : Iced water.  
  • Mood : Pissed and stressed…

I ordered something of ebay.  (The DVD boxed set of the jdorama ‘Hero’, It has Kimura Takuya in it…)  WHY DID I FORGET TO CHECK THE FEEDBACK??? 40 flipping dollars!!!!  Am I the only one who 40 dollars means lots???  (When I was a kid I thought I could pay rent with 40$… maybe I watched too much TV Land…)  ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!  BLARG!  Maybe I should calm down… I mean the seller was suspended but it could still come in the next couple of days.  Blah.  I’ve been under too much stress lately…. TT__TT  I have to memorize 10 lines a day for the class play, we’re doing the first half of Romeo and Juliet.  I’m the nurse….*dies*  The teachers haven’t cut back on homework and tests and stuff like they usually do for class plays…   That’s probably because marking period ends on Thursday… it’s ok… NOT!!!  Damn… I really need more time to study my lines since the play is on March 6….

  • My old blog post are embarrassing… eik… 

I do…so much more diverse that american music. (well most of the time) I like asian music the best I think. I’m tired I have so much work to do before the weekend is over but I’m procrastinating, heh like I ever DON’T procrastinate. Oh! I forgot! My birthday was on April 22 ^_^ it was fun I got pokemon diamond (such a guilty pleasure. I went to the mall early as I didn’t preorder it) It’s fun but the stupid wi-fi junk ALLWAYS confuzes me and i end up having someone else do it for me haha! Nowadays my realitives (except my immediate family) just send me money because they have no idea what to get me, it’s funny but kinda sad. When it’s other people’s birthdays I usually make something (either that or they get nothing at all because I have no time) like I made J-chan a scarf and baked E-chan a cake. I like cooking, it’s fun! I’m also good at knitting and sewing (though that scarf only called for knitting) I would make a good house wife…BUT I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!! All the jobs I want call for probably no getting married and ABSOLUTELY NO KIDS! I LOVE KIDS! They’re fun because they don’t pay attention to things like older people do! Except for C-chan! I mean will she ever stop poking my forehead (hard) hitting my head (hard) and saying loudly that I have pimples and dandruff (she can hit and poke me all she wants but PIMPLES AND DANDRUFF?!?! I mean I know I have it but she doesn’t have to anounce it to the whole world, SHE’S IN SECOND GRADE!) She annoys me to no end ugh. (not that I see her that often but when I do…ugh…) The older girls in my school make me insane. Okay not really….ONLY ONE!!!!!! She is rude,obnoxious,horrible person in general,preppy (I don’t hate her JUST because she’s a prep though) well…she’s just an unpleasant person. EXAMPLE OF HER HOOOORIBLENESS : (it’s written weirdly but bear with me) Me and S-chan are in the girls locker room because we left our softball uniforms (it’s mandatory) at the gym and it was gym for the older girls and they were gettiing changed. One of the nice ones held up a bright pink shirt and goes “oh look at this shirt, I love it. It’s hobo shique(I don’t know how it’s spelled) and the girl who I hate who I will call _____ says in the loudest “whisper” I’ve ever heard (Except for D-chan who is horrible at whispering) “It’s lesbo shique” I didn’t say anything but I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS A TOTAL JERK!!!!!!!!!!! I hate heeeeer. When I have friends I am loyal and great but when I hate somebody… I. HATE. THEM. and go on long rants about what awful people they are. Oh well, most of my friends feel the same way about her (did I mention she is uber P-O-P-U-L-A-R?) I’m personally glad I’m not popular. I wouldn’t be good at it, but I digress. I FINALLY got a new PS2 (yes you heard me right a PS2) my PS2 randomly broke a while ago so I’m happy.

I love pearls before swine it’s definately the best comic in the paper! Well I have nothing else to say here nya~! -Ari

The other night right before I went to bed my mom told me “Don’t go to bed with your normal clothes on, put on something else” and I said “What do you think I am, stupid?” and she said “I don’t think you’re stupid. I just think you have strange notions about things,”

I think that dialoge sums me up pretty well. I do have strange notions or maybe I’m normal and everyone else is strange…. who know? Oh well she might have been reffering to how I think my hair looks amazing when it’s greasy (IT DOES!) actually…everyone thinks that but…who am I to care? But I digress…I love orgel versions of songs (for those of you that don’t know it means music box and it’s uber cute)ugh if only I could download all the songs I hear on youtube… SONGS I NEED to find the Mp3s for : Mahiru ga Yuki (midday snow) by Sakamoto Maaya-san (I love her) on the cd Shounen Alice (as you may see I have done extensive reasearch on these songs) , Here by Sakamoto Maaya-san on the cd The Other Side Of Midnight (this song is a real pain because Here is a common word and the other side of midnight is the name of a book and movie), any song from pich pichi pitch. Yeah that’s it….I’m eating ramen now… ^_^ I love ramen…so good… But as I was saying earlier orgel versions of songs just ROCK! I’m out of ramblings to talk about nya – Ari

Hmm… well I’ve finaly gotten out of the sad and pathetic state I’ve been in for a few weeks! ^_^ Why? Hmm I saw this amv ( ) amazing ne? Well I think it’s AMAZING!!! Then I was inspired to watch episode 134 again ( I don’t have the paticence to watch the whole Valley of the end ark. But maybe I’ll watch it with friends or scott, yeah that would be fun!) and I sat down and cried. I allways cry at the times when sasuke and naruto are little kids again and when chidori and rasengan clash! Am I the only one who thinks that is unbelivably sad? I mean that picture. I cry every time I see it T_T so saaaaad! Wah! But for some reason the sadness made me get out of the patheticness! I have found a cure for sadness! ^__^ and it also might be I’m on breaaak! (my school has breaks at weird times) so I’m excited. Gosh this post is so ooc from my usual ones. When I talk about anime I become strange…oh yeah and Orochimaru’s voice (the japanese one since I watch with subs) annoys me. No wait HE annoys me ack! “I want Sasuke’s body” oh give it a rest (he’d have to talk to sasuke’s million fangirls first hahahaha) I am not a sasuke fangirl though I am a NARUTO fangirl and I could go on for hours about what I like about him. Too bad no guys I know are like that… T_T darn… ack! I’m SUCH a fangirl tee hee ^__^ I have come up with a MILLION narutoxoc fanfiction plots in my head…so fun… but I wish my life was interesting like….I wish I lived with naruto in my own narutoxoc fanfic ahaha or I was in Summon Night 2 with my own ADORABLE gardian beast (I have Arno in the game but I named em kaze san and I think of arno as a guy even though Arno doesn’t really have a gender) or in Phantom Brave and I’m Marona and I have this super awesome phantom that follows me around or like disgea (which I technacally have never played but will when my PS2 get’s fixed…) and I’m….I dunno and I go on adventures. I have a bunch of other fantasys but my first choice would be Naruto though (mwee hee) well pretty much what I’m trying to say is that my life BORES me I mean nothing ever happens -_- it’s one bore after another but I don’t really have anything else to say nya – Ari

PS a while ago I got this uber cool T-shirt at an anime convention it says “Orochimaru gave me a cursed seal [then has picture of the cursed seal) and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” sooo HILARIOUS!